Youtube To Stage Its Own Music Awards Show

YouTube gets its own music awards show, Vevo expands to Germany

Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas Now, we may be getting too much of Timberlake. The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 uses the same formula thats becoming his musical trademark the trance-inducing grooves and futuristic electronic beats helmed by Timbaland and Timberlake, who co-wrote each song. Unfortunately it doesnt feel new. Like FutureSex and the first 20/20 album, the songs on 2 of 2 are long, but they arent as entertaining or as cohesive as his first effort. Some tracks sound like leftovers from past recording sessions, and dare we say it actually drag on. The album starts on the wrong note with Gimme What I Dont Know (I Want) and the nine-minute True Blood, both up-tempo songs that lack that Timberlake-esque spark and swag. The lead single, the disco number Take Back the Night, might be good for mere mortal pop stars, but compared to Timberlakes own lofty standards, disappoints. A better choice would have been the Drake-assisted Cabaret, which is smooth and has an addictive hook. Not all of 2 of 2 should be dismissed: You Got It On is soft slow jam listen and youll feel like youre on a cloud. And the midtempo Drink You Away is the discs most adventurous offering. It doesnt sound like anything else on the album: Its guitar driven with a strong backbeat, with a raw quality that makes it a bit indescribable and exhilarating. The multitalented Timberlake, one of a few who could get away with releasing two albums in a year (were still mad at One Direction for trying that that), is releasing dense music when most Top 40 listeners have short attention spans. The album runs 74 minutes, and the average song is six minutes. Thats not to say Timberlake shouldnt challenge listeners with his music he did it magically with the electro-pop flavor of FutureSex before dance music made its comeback, and 20/20 did not conform to radio standards either. But even for those people who can deal with more than 140 characters and three-minute songs that includes me 2 of 2 doesnt challenge enough, and we want and expect more from one of musics best all-around entertainers, especially when the original 20/20 Experience still has more so much more to offer.

Photo Release — Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) Partners With Entertainment One Music to Release the BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Live 2013 CD

From a pre-teen Justin Bieber starting a revolution from his bathroom to Psy making the world realize we all love Korean hip-hop, YouTube has launched artists that a few decades ago might never have broken out of their own backyards. To celebrate that power, the mother of all video platforms announced Tuesday that it would throw its first-ever YouTube Music Awards show on Nov. 3 on YouTube, of course. While there’s no immediate threat to the venerable Grammys and cheeky MTV Video Music Awards, the Google-owned company has brought out a few big guns for the inaugural 90-minute show, which will hand out seven awards to nominees who over the past year garnered the biggest slice of YouTube views, shares and other metrics of online love. Violinist Lindsey Stirling has a strong YouTube and gamer following. (Photo: Shore Fire Media) Actor Jason Schwartzman will host the program, which will unfold live at Pier 36 in New York; details will be shared later this month on how fans can apply for tickets. Spike Jonze is the show’s creative director. Guests include Eminem, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire and YouTube-fueled phenomenons such as the music-video collective CDZA and violinist Lindsey Stirling. Other as-yet-unannounced acts will provide taped performances from cities as far-flung as Seoul and Moscow, YouTube’s way of emphasizing the global nature of its audience. “Our point is to celebrate YouTube’s role in the music ecosystem,” says Danielle Tiedt, the San Bruno, Calif.-based company’s vice president of marketing. “If you think about how most of us encounter music, it’s usually on YouTube, whether it’s stars like Miley Cyrus and her VMA performance or her new Wrecking Ball video, or musicians like Lindsey (Stirling), who broke thanks to our site.” Nominees for the seven awards will be announced Oct. 17. Winners will be chosen by fans vote.

The event will feature live performances byLady Gaga, Eminem, and Arcade Fire as well as YouTube stars like Lindsey Stirling, and its going to be hosted by Jason Schwartzman, withSpike Jonze being the creative director. The whole spectacle will unfold as a live stream on YouTube, and the sites viewers will also have a chance to influence the program of the evening. From YouTubes blog: Subscribe to On October 17, YouTube Music Awards Nominations will be announced based on the videos that you watched and shared over the past year. Well then call on you to determine the songs and artists honored, by sharing the nominees across social media so the awards are judged in full view of everyone. Notably absent from the announcement was Vevo , the major-label-owned music video platform that has been supplying many of the most-viewed music videos to YouTube. That may not have been a coincidence: YouTube and Vevo have long been frenemies, with both parties trying to get as much as possible out of their relationship while at the same time trying to keep some independence. Vevo has brought YouTube billions of views, and Google just invested an estimated $40 to $50 million in the company to keep those music videos coming. But at the same time, Vevo has tried to grow revenue elsewhere, like on its own website or in its apps. The service also launched a 24/7 music video live stream off of YouTube in March , and recently said that it will block an upcoming YouTube feature that will allow users to temporarily download videos to their mobile devices. And Vevo doesnt stop there: the service also had its own announcement to make Monday night, revealing that it just launched a local version in Germany . Its the 13th country that gets its own Vevo version, but its also more than that: YouTube has been in disputes with German rights holders for years , leading to many of its music videos being blocked to German audiences. But if YouTube doesnt have Germany, at least it now got its own music awards.

A photo accompanying this release is available at The release of the BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Live 2013 album marks the first-ever recording from the performing rights organization. This new initiative is a milestone among performing rights organizations and signals BMI’s continued dynamic growth. In celebration of the accomplishment, BMI will host an invitation-only album release party with performances by Anaysha Figueroa, Jason Nelson, Jonathan Nelson and Lisa Knowles on October 22 in Atlanta. “Releasing a live recording of the performances from the BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Awards Luncheon allows a wider audience to experience our salute to the legends of gospel music,” said Catherine Brewton, BMI Vice President, Writer/Publisher Relations, Atlanta, and Executive Producer of the album. “This project pairs some of the brightest stars in gospel music with iconic songs written and performed by trailblazers of the genre.” “eOne Music is proud to partner with BMI to release a monumental project that captures so many award-winning and beloved artists on one album,” said Phil Thornton, eOne Music Vice President of Marketing & New Business Development. “From the pairings of award-winning icons Pastor Shirley Caesar and Bishop Paul Morton, to the sounds of Donald Lawrence & Company, this one-of-a-kind album is filled with legendary performances and the distinctive voices that they are known for, which continue to inspire and command gospel today.” “Having served as musical director for the BMI Trailblazers event for the past several years, with the help of my singers The Company, I cannot express how excited I am that this once-a-year experience will now be shared with the public,” commented songwriter Donald Lawrence. ” This year’s event was a special one, where some of today’s best artists, such as Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Kierra Sheard, Le’Andria Johnson and others, paid tribute to some of gospel music’s legends, who happen to be personal favorites of mine, Edwin and Tramaine Hawkins and Kurt Carr. It was an incredible concert filled with many uplifting moments, and I cannot wait for the public to be able to listen in on this unique musical experience!” Produced by music director Joe “Flip” Wilson and songwriter Donald Lawrence – with BMI’s Catherine Brewton and BMI Executive Director, Writer/Publisher Relations Wardell Malloy serving as executive producers – the album captures the essence of the Trailblazers Luncheon. The annual fete, which is part industry celebration and part awe-inspiring worship service, attracts gospel music’s premier songwriters, brightest stars and leading industry executives. The BMI Trailblazers of Gospel Music Live 2013 album’s track listing features the following artists and songs: 1. “In The Sanctuary” – Donald Lawrence & Company 2. “I Need Your Spirit (Fall Fresh On Me)” – Jason Nelson and Jonathan Nelson 3. “Holy One” – Anaysha Figueroa featuring CeCe Winans 4. “He Brought Me” – Yolanda Adams featuring CeCe Winans 5. “I Almost Let Go” – Sheri Jones-Moffett 6.