Canada To Launch Billion-dollar Marijuana Free Market This Week

Foreign Minister John Baird said Tuesday that he told his Egyptian counterpart that in “no uncertain terms” it is unacceptable. He said Canada’s prime minister has directed that all resources be brought to bear to secure their release. John Greyson, a filmmaker and professor, and Tarek Loubani, a physician, have been held without charges since mid-August and were ordered detained for another 45 days on the weekend. The men say they were observing an anti-government demonstration Aug. 16 when Loubani heeded a call for a doctor and began treating wounded demonstrators while Greyson recorded the unrest on video. The pair released a statement on Saturday saying they’ve been beaten and subjected to degrading treatment. “It is simply unacceptable that Canadians can be held this long with no specific charges, no specific evidence,” Baird said. Baird said he told the new Egyptian foreign minister that it was “a significant problem in our bilateral relations.” Baird said he “didn’t’ see any light at the end of the tunnel” despite holding what he called a productive meeting with his Egyptian counterpart on Friday. He said the Canadian government is taking both a political and judicial approach to securing their release. “The government, at the prime minister’s direction, has been engaged in a big way to secure the release of these two Canadians,” Baird said. “I don’t want to up the rhetoric that would impede their expeditious release.

Canada Strengthens Support for Security in Somalia

Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images A new free market for medical marijuana in Canada will replace small growers with large-scale indoor farms. Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images Canada is ushering in what it projects to be a $1.3 billion medical marijuana free market this week, as it replaces small and homegrown pot production with quality-controlled marijuana produced by large farms. The market could eventually serve up to 450,000 Canadians, according to government estimates. As Toronto’s Globe and Mail explains, a transition phase began Monday that will allow more price fluctuation and phase out home and small-scale production. “In its place, large indoor marijuana farms certified by the [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] and health inspectors will produce, package and distribute a range of standardized weed, all of it sold for whatever price the market will bear,” the newspaper reports. “The first sales are expected in the next few weeks, delivered directly by secure courier.” Large-scale growers have begun applying for licenses to produce marijuana; one Ontario company hopes to grow cannabis in an old Hershey chocolate plant, Reuters reported last week. At least two large growers have already received their licenses. The free market will likely establish a price of around $7.60 per gram of dried marijuana bud, according to “Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations” posted by Canada’s health department. (And if you’re wondering about that spelling, it follows a precedent set in Canada’s controlled substances law.) The health agency projects that the legal marijuana supply industry “could grow to more than $1.3 billion per year in annual sales” within 10 years. Officials say the illegal cannabis market “represents a multibillion dollar per year industry.” The Canadian government says the new plan will also reduce its own costs, on a website explaining some of the changes. “The current program costs Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars each year because the $5/gram charged to program participants who choose to purchase from Health Canada is heavily subsidized,” Health Canada says.

Baird made the announcement following a bilateral meeting with Fawzia Yusuf H. Adam, Somalias Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The ministers discussed the situation in Somalia, progress made by the Somali government and the recent terrorist attack in Nairobi. In coordination with our international partners, Canada is proud to support Somalia as it builds the permanent and durable structures of a safe, secure and stable democratic state, Baird said. This support will help in the struggle against terrorism, which we have seen in recent weeks remains a challenge in this region of the world. Canada has a large Somali community, which contributes to the economic and social fabric of our country, said Member of Parliament Ted Opitz. Todays discussions helped strengthen our relations and our strong people-to-people ties. Canada announced a contribution of $6.02 million to programs that address a number of areas, including security, conflict management and human rights. Today, we had good discussions on the issue of early and forced marriage, which Canada took a leadership role in raising awareness on last week in New York, Baird continued. It is in every nations interest to ensure young women grow up and participate fully in all parts of our society, which makes this initiative timely and important in the stabilization efforts in Somalia. Canada, alongside its international partners, will continue to work with Somalia to support ongoing stabilization and reconstruction efforts. Bienvenue sur APO-SOURCE, la base de donnees de communiques de presse lies a l’Afrique. AFRIQUE AFRICA AFRICAIN AFRICAN PRESSE PRESS NEWS ACTUALITE “ACTUALITE AFRIQUE” “ACTUALITE AFRICAINE” “AFRICAN NEWS” “AFRICA NEWS” STATEMENT SPEECH COMMUNIQUE INSTITUTION “UNITED NATIONS” “NATIONS UNIES” USA FRANCE WFP PAM ONU UN EUROPE EU UE “UNION AFRICAINE” UA “AFRICAN UNION” IMF FMI “WORLD BANK” “BANQUE MONDIALE” BAD BAFD AFDB ADB “BANQUE AFRICAINE DE DEVELOPPEMENT” “AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK” ACP KONARE KABERUKA KI-MOON MONTAS KAPUTIN SUMMIT UNHCR AFRICOM AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL APO OPA AFRICAN PRESS ORGANIZATION ORGANISATION DE LA PRESSE AFRICAINE APPA PANAFRICAINE PANAFRICAN BADEA CHINA CHINE CILSS ICRC CICR CPI ICC DFID EAC FCO FOREIGN COMMONWEALTH AFFAIRS SPAIN ESPAGNE FAO FIDH FIFA IFAD HUMAN RIGHT DROITS HOMME HRW IFAW FIJ IFJ JOURNALISTE JOURNALIST IOM OIM MIGRATION IRD JAPAN JAPON TICAD MAE MFA MSF MEDEF NEPAD OCDE OXFAM SG UIT UNHCR MONUC ONUCI UNMIS AMIS SOUDAN DARFOUR DARFUR SOMALI SOMALIE UNESCO UNICEF UNOG USAID “DEPARTEMENT OF STATE” WHO OMS UEMOA BEAC BCEAO OCDE OECD “ASSOCIATION DE LA PRESSE PANAFRICAINE” “PANAFRICAN PRESS ASSOCIATION” APPA PANAFRICAN PANAFRICAIN PRESSEAFRICAINE GOUVERNANCE DEVELOPPEMENT DEVELOPMENT GOVERNANCE “COMMUNICATION POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT” “COMMUNICATION FOR DEVELOPMENT” “EUROPE-AFRIQUE” “EU-AFRICA” “EUROPE-AFRICA” SARKOZY RICE BROWN “WEST ARICA” “CENTRAL AFRICA” AFRIQUE DU SUD SOUTH AFRICA VIDEOCONFERENCE “PRESS VIDEOCONFERENCE” VIDEOCONFERENCE DE PRESSE” “RELATIONS PRESSE” “PUBLIC RELATION” ACCREDITATION Europe-Africa Summit Sommet Europe-Afrique Lisbonne Lisbon UE-Afrique EU-Africa Portugal ANGOLA BENIN BOTSWANA BURKINA FASO BURUNDI CAMEROUN CAMEROON CAP-VERT CABO VERDE CENTRAFRIQUE CONGO RDC DRC COTE-D’IVOIRE DJIBOUTI ERYTHREE ETHIOPIE GABON GAMBIE GHANA GUINEE GUINEE BISSAU GUINEE EQUATORIALE KENYA LESOTHO LIBERIA MADAGASCAR MALAWI MALI MAURITANIE MOZAMBIQUE NAMIBIE NIGER NIGERIA OUGANDA RWANDA SAO TOME SENEGAL SIERRA LEONE SOMALIE SOUDAN SWAZILAND TANZANIE TCHAD TOGO ZAMBIE ZIMBABWE ALGERIA CENTRAL AFRICAN REP CHAD CONGO DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO REPUBLIC OF CONGO EGYPT EQUATORIAL GUINEA ERITREA ETHIOPIA GAMBIA GUINEA BISSAU GUINEA IVORY COAST LIBYA MAURITANIA MAURITIUS MOROCCO NAMIBIA SOMALIA SUDAN TANZANIA TUNISIA UGANDA ZAMBIA Republique sahraouie, RASD

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