Drug ‘molly’ Is Taking A Party Toll In The United States


The video, part of INSP’s critically-acclaimed Moments series, is presented throughout the country by the Commemoration as part of its mission to assist a grateful nation in thanking and honoring Vietnam Veterans and their families. INSP is among the first media outlets to join a growing and wide ranging list of Commemorative Partners supporting the efforts of the Congressionally-chartered United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration. In so doing, INSP will have an important role as a grateful nation thanks and honors millions of Vietnam Veterans and their loved ones for their service, valor and sacrifice; especially those made by America’s Gold Star families whose loved ones were killed during the war, or the families of missing in action and unaccounted for servicemembers. As part of becoming a Commemorative Partner, the official commemoration flag and certificate, signed by the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was presented to INSP Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Cerullo during a ceremony held at the Commemoration office in Arlington, Va. During the ceremony, Lieutenant General Claude “Mick” Kicklighter, United States Army (Retired), specifically cited the influence of the network’s video. “I have had the privilege of playing this video for thousands of people around the country. This stirring tribute never fails to inspire deep emotions. It has helped bring healing and encouragement to true patriots, many of whom have felt taken for granted and ignored.” “On behalf of the staff at INSP, I humbly accept this flag and certificate from The United States Vietnam War Commemoration Committee,” said Cerullo. “It is gratifying to know that ‘Thank You For Your Service’ has had such a powerful impact. Our goal has been to honor our veterans. We are so gratified for the way this video has touched so many lives.” “Thank You For Your Service” has been featured on the Pentagon Channel and USAA’s web channels, as well as several national conventions and conferences, to include the American Legion, Veteran of Foreign Wars, Vietnam Veterans of America, Jewish War Veterans, Society of Air Force Nurses, and League of POW/MIA Families. INSP currently is in production on another veteran series entitled, “Moments of Valor,” a joint partnership with the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation. “We have pledged to continue this campaign to honor our veterans,” Cerullo said. “As part of our work with The Vietnam War Commemoration Committee, INSP is donating 1000 specially designed videos of ‘Thank You For Your Service’ for distribution to veterans.

INSP Teams with The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration to Honor Vietnam Veterans and Their Families

government in a partisan dispute over healthcare reform. The Justice Department requested a delay after many of its attorneys and support staff were placed on furlough. “This is creating difficulties for the department to perform the functions necessary to support its litigation efforts,” the department said in a court filing. Merging companies usually oppose delays because they make it harder to hold deals together. So it was good news for the airlines when Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly turned down the request in an order issued on Tuesday. A lawyer for the airlines expected the trial to begin as scheduled in late November. “From what the judge said in there, and I think everybody heard, we’re going to trial on November 25,” Richard Parker said after a pretrial hearing. “We are planning on a November 25 trial date.” Parker said a settlement resolving the fight was still possible. “We are interested in a reasonable settlement in this case,” he added. Any settlement would mean asset sales, which in turn would require approval from the judge overseeing American’s emergence from bankruptcy. TEXAS SECURES CONCESSIONS Under the agreement announced on Tuesday, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport would remain a hub for the combined carrier, whose headquarters would be in Texas.

United States Blocks German Author, Critical of NSA Surveillance, from Entering the Country

That’s when Molly made her way onto the scene. Over the last few years, drugs sold under that name have “flooded” the market, said Rusty Payne, a spokesman with the Drug Enforcement Administration. In some states, there has been a 100-fold increase – the combined number of arrests, seizures, emergency room mentions and overdoses – between 2009 and 2012, according to DEA figures. The drug is accessible and marketed to recreational drug users who believe it to be less dangerous than its predecessor, which was often cut with other substances, from Ritalin to LSD. Like ecstasy, Molly is said to give a lengthy, euphoric high with slight hallucinogenic properties. In reality, however, the promised pure MDMA experience “doesn’t exist,” said Payne. ‘SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT’ Most of the Molly is one of several synthetic designer drugs that have been flooding the U.S. and European marketplace from chemical labs primarily based in China, Payne said. “A lot of people are missing the boat here,” he said. Molly could be anything … 80 to 90 percent of the time we are given a chemical or substance believed to be Molly, we’re finding most of the time it is something completely different.” Four recent deaths attributed to Molly have thrust the club drug into the national spotlight. On August 31, a 23-year-old Syracuse University graduate and a 20-year-old University of New Hampshire student died after taking what they believed to be Molly during an electronic music concert in New York City. The deaths, and several other reported overdoses, prompted the Electric Zoo festival to cancel the final day of the concert. A University of Virginia student died at a rave in Washington, D.C., the same weekend, after taking what her friends said was Molly.

United States seeks delay in trial on US Air, AMR deal due to shutdown

U.S. Airways jets are seen at Reagan National Airport in Washington July 12, 2013. REUTERS/Larry Downing

Louis. There was significant delay and no reason, comment or explanation was given. The university finally helped him secure the visa. Trojanow was the co-author of an open letter to German Chancellor Angela Merkel that was delivered in Berlin with 70,000 signatures and condemned the NSA. More than forty years ago, when Trojanow was a child, the state security service in Bulgaria bugged his familys home. The family did not learn until three decades later, when a file folder with call recordings was partially disclosed by the Archives of State Security, that they had been under intense surveillance. This history makes him a dangerous voice to the United States government because he can speak with authority about what it means to live in a society under total surveillance. PEN America, a chapter of the international literary and human rights organization, sent a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry expressing concern over the fact that Trojanow seemed to be another person barred from visiting the US because they have possessed and expressed disfavored political positions and views. They demanded that the decision to deny him entry be reviewed. This development takes place as Pakistani human rights lawyer Shahzad Akbar continues to be denied entry tothe US to participate in a hearing on drones organized by members of Congress and Brave New Foundation. As he wrote for The Hill, Rafiq ur Rehman, who lost his 67 year-old mother in a drone strike, and two of his children, Nabila and Zubair, who witnessed their grandmothers death and sustained strike-related injuries themselves. Both Rafiq and the children were granted visas. But I was not. Instead, my application was again put into administrative processing, where it remains to this day. In 2012, Pakistani student filmmaker Muhammad Danish Qasim and five others were denied a visa to attend a film festival in Seattle and accept an award for their short film on US drone attacks. Qasim surmised, If we had got the visa, then it would have been easy for us to frame our point of view in front of the other selected youth filmmakers. Which is why they were barred from entering the United States to accept the award. There is a growing list of individuals, who are academics, human rights attorneys, prominent activists or outspoken artists, that are being blocked from entering the US because of the freethinking and freedom of speech they practice outside the US.