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1, the focus will be on an area organizers say will feature the largest red carpet in history. This years event will be very special for parade attendees as we will be presenting all of the musical performances on the red carpet area in front of the grandstands, said Jim Romanovich, president of worldwide media at Associated Television International, which is producing the telecast. The organizers plan to submit the size of the red carpet to Guinness World Records. They also claim that the parade will have more celebrities than any other. The hosts again this year are Erik Estrada (Worlds Funniest Moments, CHiPS) and Laura McKenzie (Worlds Funniest Moments, Laura McKenzies Traveler). Dean Cain (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Ripleys Believe It or Not!) and Montel Williams (The Montel Williams Show) will again this year be featured hosts. The 82nd annual Hollywood Christmas Parade this year takes an international approach with bands from Canada, Australia and Guatemala. The grand parade that loops from Hollywood Boulevard to Sunset Boulevard is being held closer to holiday season than usual. In past years, it has typically been in late November, right after Thanksgiving. According to Romanovich, the ATI telecast will be shown on the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movie Channel and will be distributed in syndication worldwide. It will also be shown on the American Forces Network and online. This year, as in the past several years, the parade will be produced in association with the City of Los Angeles (Mayor Eric Garcetti). The parade will benefit Marine Toys for Tots Foundation.

According to White’s account, Officer Shad Barfield told Johnson there was a warrant for her arrest, which she disputed, and the officer later recanted. He handcuffed White and then Johnson but did not arrest them. “After he told me that I did not have a warrant for my arrest, and he started asking me about drugs for the third time, I said, ‘Are you doing this because we’re black?'” Johnson told HLN. “And that was when everything took a turn for the worst. He patted the car, he walked back to his car, he put on gloves. The next thing I knew, he was handcuffing Dennis.” “He told me … I was being detained for his safety because he didn’t know me,” Johnson said. “At this time I became distraught,” White wrote in his account of the incident. “I have been racially profiled several times in my lifetime but it touched my core when my woman was included.” Marion County Sheriff Mark Richardson issued a statement on Monday in regard to the actors’ claims: “Discrimination in any form, including racial profiling, is strictly prohibited by this department and as Sheriff of Marion County SC, I can assure you I will take immediate and appropriate action to investigate the allegations of racial profiling made by Mr. White and Ms. Johnson. This matter will be dealt with by an internal investigation within the department and I will also ask the State Law Enforcement Division to review the allegation made against Deputy Barfield.” It was Johnson’s first experience being handcuffed. Several of her family members work in law enforcement, Johnson said, adding that she’s “never been afraid of cops or had bad opinions of them.” This time was different.

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YouTube goes live and celebs to speak out in the Hollywood — yeah. It’s government shutdown has everyone talking this week and the stars are no exception. You can take congress’ health care away. If they don’t settle and not just their salary because they can they have money but threaten those older guys. It’s — getting credibly dysfunctional family. I — at the end of Thanksgiving dinner they all come together and figured out. Parents got a sneak peek at the second installment of the — trilogy with the world wide trailer release of the Hobbits. The desolation of smog the film hits theaters December 13. YouTube has announced its first ever music awards in some big — — have already signed up. Jason Schwartzman will host and Lady Gaga Eminem and Arcade Fire perform the light streaming event — November 3. And American Idol judge Keith — has put his money where his mouth it. Donating all of the royalties from — song for you to the navy seal foundation. Urban presented a 300000. Dollar check.

Hollywood couple stopped by police, say they were racially profiled

You want to live some place where you have some sort of cultural connection and can see as many films and be around as many people as possible. You want to be some place where you can just write and write and write. 8. Get a life If you don’t have anything to say and if you haven’t done anything except see a bunch of movies, then what’s the point? You can only write what you know about and that will either limit you or open the possibilities to everything. Be interested in lots of things and stay interested. My knowledge is very wide and incredibly thin. It’s much more interesting when journalists and cops and doctors and bankers become screenwriters than 20-year-old film students. There are some exceptions, of course, but if you don’t have anything to say, then why are you here? 9. Don’t live in Los Angeles I don’t think there is any reason to live there, I think LA is probably very bad for you. It’s a bad place to feed your head.